Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Economic Forces of Air Travel

How does access to top-quality air service impact the economy of central Minnesota? That's the question IQ reporter Laura Billings Coleman set out to answer in our latest cover story.

For businesses, tourism, and retirees with second homes in warmer climates, airports matter. In fact, industry statistics show that every daily flight represents $4 million in annual economic impact for a community. When customers who could have boarded planes in their own regions fly out of Duluth or Fargo or the Twin Cities, millions of dollars in potential revenue are lost. "Better air service is a hidden piece of our economic development," said Kathy Gaalswyk, president of the Initiative Foundation.

Find out what central Minnesota cities, including St. Cloud and Brainerd, are doing to make their air service offerings more robust in this extensively reported story.

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